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Helping skaters interpret their art with mine!

I create one-of-a-kind pieces. I gather inspiration from the program music, the skater's team, photos, movies, fashion trends - all to assist in creating the perfect pieces. Will the piece be worn for competition, gallas, ice shows, or by single skaters, dance, or pair all plays a part in the design process!  


FITTING details...

Custom designs require full fittings.

It is very important that accurate measurements are taken. Skaters should never measure themselves and please do not leave 'growing room'.  Fittings can be done in one of three ways: in-person in Kamloops, BC, or Skater's Edge Boutique in Coquitlam BC, or submitted via the Measurement Form.  In-person fittings must be booked online by clicking "BOOK an IN-PERSON FITTING".



Once the Measurement Form is submitted, and an in-person fitting booking is scheduled (if needed), a non-refundable $150 deposit is required and the design process will begin. Initial designs are drawn up and I will consult with the skater for approval. One design change is included with the initial deposit, there will be subsequent fees for further changes. Before pieces are embellished, one fitting is needed. It can be in-person at the locations given or can be shipped to a skater with an online appointment (zoom, facetime etc). Full payment is required before finished pieces are shipped. Prices start at $700 and go up depending on style, number of pieces, embellishments, etc.  At this time, invoices and receipts will be emailed and all payments are by e-transfer. Deadlines can only be met if payment is received prior to shipping. 

Designs are made to fit measurements at the time of deposit. 

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